This classically stylized Noir tells the tale of a young man’s pursuit of a woman just out of reach. The film breathes with old Hollywood charm and subtle humor in this romantic story wrapped up in crime. Bill, a tentative young man, musters up the courage to approach a dangerously beautiful woman at a bar. He notices something’s awry when the bartender intentionally gives him a different drink than he ordered. With a deep breath, Bill professes his love to this mysterious woman. This coy beauty finds herself entertained by the young man’s persistent charm and is flattered by his earnest affection. When the conversation becomes more serious the young man discovers he’s hit on the wrong girl in the wrong bar. Blinded by her seduction he’s crossed the line with a notorious mobster’s girl. After hearing what happened to the last man that made a pass at her, Bill is paralyzed. Now he must decide to stay and fight for the woman that quickly stole his heart or to simply walk away before it’s too late. If this classy Noir comedy doesn’t completely sweep you off your feet, the golden age film score will.